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Texas Incinerator Co., Inc. started operations in 1989 to fill a need for thermal treatment of hydrocarbon contaminated soils.  As the company progressed, it used its ability to create custom process equipment expanded to include solid waste incinerators, heat recovery equipment, material handling, waste material processing, used oil processing plants, Custom Control Equipment, and other custom fabricated equipment. The company's location, and knowledge of the Oil and Gas Industry, provide an edge in dealing with waste including sludge's, oil based drilling mud, and tank bottoms.
Texas Incinerator Co., Inc. equipment can be found in the Continental United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Argentina, Chad, and Russia.

        Mike Brady  

Vice President / General Manager
        George Hancock



Postal address
        PO Box 9128 Midland, Texas 79708

Street Address
        2401 Neill Avenue  Midland, Texas 79701


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